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About Us
Alameda Advisors provides a range of services tailored to corporate, institutional, government and entrepreneurial client needs.
Most engagements are organized as projects.  Other arrangements can be negotiated to fit the needs of clients.

Sample Alameda Projects
Alameda performs a wide range of projects - below are a few samples.
Mergers and Acquisitions
Selecting and  organizing a business combination should include much more than financial factors and customer access.  There are myriad features that impact the outcome of business combinations that vary from industry-to-industry and region-to-region.
Some of those factors include company and regional cultural issues that may enhance or reduce results.  

Other considerations sometimes include technological trends, distribution channels, demographics, automation-robotics, energy, and government regulatory concerns as well as issues that are specific to a particular entity.  Some business combinations include cross-border issues that further complicate deals with concerns about inventory, valuation, and shareholder impacts in various global regions. 

Alameda understands various viewpoints and can assist buy-side or sell-side entities with their counterparts along with their interface to bankers, accountants and legal counsel.

Intellectual Property Sales, Acquisition, Licensing and Partnering
Over the last four decades corporate research labs have shifted away from basic research and development.  This trend has been driven by the shorter time horizon of large investors (such as pension funds) that seek ongoing improvements in their investment portfolios every quarter and every year.  Small to mid-sized companies lack sufficient dedicated staff that is current on the many new technologies relevant to their product and market sectors.

Most basic inventions are created by universities and other non-profit research institutions.  A small portion of these inventions could have value in commercial use, but typically are not sufficient for a complete product suitable for industrial, commercial or consumer users.    Converting inventions to real-world products that are needed by customers at a price customers will accept requires far more than any institution can provide. 
Our team has the expertise to find pain points in the marketplace where inventions can provide good value and companies that not only can benefit but where company management is open to outside intellectual property.

Business Development
Many successful companies start with a narrow product line and a targeted customer base, frequently in their home country.  That intense focus is ideal for most companies in their early years to enable a rapid ramp of revenue and the shortest time to achieve positive cash flow.

For many companies, success from that initial focus can hobble the company from achieving the next phase of growth. In some cases, technology, customer shifts, or global events may erode the early product revenue base.  Many companies find it difficult to change their product direction, seek different customers or become global.  With the ever increasing speed of change, time becomes the enemy, while internal resources to implement that change may be scarce as the team may focus on renewing their efforts that were once successful.

Alameda understands the business, technology, finance, customer, product and manufacturing factors that impact companies. We can fill-in for understaffed or missing internal resources for one or more activities.

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