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This page contains links to special topics and selected presentations made by of Richard Helfrich at conferences, TV news, radio broadcasts and other events.

Additional documents and videos will be added from time to time.
Special Topics
Several issues will drive the long-term quality of life in the US as well as the entire planet.

There are too many simplistic solutions presented without detailed analysis of actual basis factors that make those solutions unrealistic. Some proposals ignore how a particular solution proposed will change human behaviors and cause unintended consequences worse than the problem.  Other proposed solutions ignore basic laws of physics and mathematical analysis.

The links below bring up pages with topic specific documents that use bottom up analysis to produce realistic outcomes.

Additional documents and videos will be added from time to time.
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Economic Development Concepts and Approaches
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Energy Issues and Future
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Potable Water and Electricity drive Quality of Life
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Interdisciplinary Eduction beyond Multidisciplinary
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Medical, Pharma and Biotech
Television and Radio
Fundraising Challenges in Tough Economic Times
San Francisco ABC-TV News

San Francisco, California, January 2008
Rich Helfrich discusses issues that entrepreneurs must address to win the hearts and minds of investors during a slow economy.

Cleantech and Other Energy Sources
San Francisco Bay Area Public Television 2009
Rich Helfrich is interviewed as the only expert on a 30-minute television broadcast covering Silicon Valley and San Francisco.

Selected video clips from this television productino will be posted at a future date.
Special Events
 United States Congress House Science and Technology Committee.
Richard W. Helfrich testifies to the House Committee
August 8, 2005

Congress should provide financial incentives to K-12 science education nationwide  to attract the educators needed to inspire students towards careers in sciences and engineering.
Producing economic development from the many rapid advances in sciences requires a much greater number  of scientists and engineers throughout the US.  Meanwhile the percentage of US high school graduates that go on college degrees in science and engineering continues to decline.
: Congress should reduce the regulatory burden on small companies, especially companies that manufacture in the US.
Competition from companies in emerging countries is ramping up.  The US has and will continue to depend on small and medium businesses to rapidly convert advanced technological inventions to useful products and services. Regulations are stifling small companies thus putting the US at a competitive disadvantage to offshore entities as well as encouraging large US companies to move manufacturing outside the US.

Rich Helfrich testified to the Science and Technology Committee of the United States Congress regarding global trends and issues being impacted by nanotechnology and the rapid advances in science and actions the US should take to ensure leadership in critical technology fields such as nanotechnology and biotechnology. Rich provided a formal presentation to this committee along with answers to questions. His testimony is in the Congressional Record.
National Science Foundation (over 25 separate activities during 9 years)
    Washington, DC  from 2000 through 2009

Richard W. Helfrich presented to NSF top management at Strategic Planning workshop.
Richard participates on special committees that include several federal agencies as the industry representative.

Richard serves on well over 20 SBIR-STTR Panels.

At these National Science Foundation (NSF) panels, Rich Helfrich provides business, competitive analysis, marketing and technological expertise to evaluate proposals and business plans on various panels. Several panels included other federal agencies such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Department of Energy (DOE) and the Department of Defense (DOD). 
Each panel selected a few companies to receive grants toward developing new products.  The fields involved cover a range of advanced technologies including: high data rate communications, medical diagnostic equipment, alternative energy, national security devices and equipment, nanotechnology sensors, wireless communications, cleantech and alternative education technologies.
National Academies of Science (NAS)
    Washington, DC  2008
Richard W. Helfrich is an invited speaker as well as a panelist at a special program over several days representing the views of entrepreneurs, angel investors and venture capital to a group of NAS administration and various administrators from leading research universities and other institutions.
Rich presents issues and approaches to speed the commercialization of new technologies developed at national laboratories and universities. 

Conference Presentations (over 50 conferences, many as an invited speaker)
UC Berkeley Nanotechnology Conference
Haas Business School
University of California, Berkeley - April 30, 2005

Richard Helfrich was invited to speak on the commercialization of nanotechnology at the annual nanotechnology conference held at UC Berkeley. This conference covered both technology and market applications of nanotechnology with speakers and panels. The other invited speakers were Steven Chu (Director of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Nobel prize winner) and Tom Kalil (Assistant to the Chancellor of UC Berkeley and former Science and Technology Advisor in the Clinton White House). Rich presented his views of attractive opportunities from a market and financial perspective where nanotechnology could offer revolutionary advances and how angel and venture investors view nanotechnology.
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Television and Radio